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Larry Wallberg is a writer who has recently moved to Lexington, Kentucky. His work has been published in Smithsonian Magazine, Wildlife Conservation, The Wall Street Journal’s Leisure & Arts page, The L.A. Times Book Review, The New York Times Arts & Leisure section, New York Newsday, The Philadelphia Inquirer Op/Ed page, and many other newspapers and periodicals.

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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Kirk M said

    Jayzuz, I didn’t know I was dealing with royalty here. Or was that a Kentucky Colonel? I forget.

    I had a bunch of short stories (Articles? Satire? Good bathroom reading material?) that I wrote when in my 30’s that my father practically begged my to send off to the New Yorker. Unfortunately I had run out of stamps at the time so it never happened. Hell, I could’ve been famous. Acorns could grow into banana trees too.

    Nice to make your acquaintance, sir.

  2. Kirk:
    Well I never did manage to crack the New Yorker market, although I still try from time to time. I don’t actually read the thing any more, but I’d love to appear in the same magazine that published most of my favorite humorists of the past.

  3. Linda Koenigsberg said

    Hello, Larry–

    Great reading. I’m laughing and crying; nothing new there. Age has made you more brillliant than ever– funnier and crazier, too.

    Glad you’re happy and well!

    Linda Koenigsberg
    CCNY ’68

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