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Sing Along with Auntie Diluvian

Posted by Larry Wallberg on 08/15/2010

This isn’t intended to be an earworm post. But if you do happen to find yourself humming the tune involuntarily, just be thankful it’s not “Kumbaya.”

11 Responses to “Sing Along with Auntie Diluvian”

  1. John Evo said

    I said it on her video and I’ll say it here – you two need to put your comedic song talents together again in the future. Great job.

  2. Evo:
    Fine with me. But I don’t do any of that newfangled “rock ‘n’ roll” those beatniks seem to like so much.

  3. John Evo said

    I know what you mean. It’s all gotten so bizarre. I don’t understand the way they dress, their hair – any of it. Look at this and tell me if anyone is supposed to know what’s going on.

  4. the chaplain said

    I completely understand your difficulty understanding the crazy hair in that video. If all their heads were shaved and the strands weaved into a wig, your hair would still be longer than all of theirs combined. :)

    Larry & AuntieDiluvian
    I tried to leave a comment at YouTube, but it hasn’t posted. My comments must taste really good, because YouTube is ingesting them instead of posting them these days. Anyway, this was an excellent collaboration. You and AuntieD hit a home run, made a hole-in-one, scored a touchdown, sank a basket, etc., with this song.

  5. I’m curious (yellow) about the technical details. Is that Larry singing? How did you two get in the studio together, without passports? Who’s playing all the instruments in the band?

  6. the chaplain said

    These days, there’s no need to record in the same studio. People just record another track and it’s all mixed together later. That’s why, if you check the notes on a CD, you’ll sometimes find that one song was recorded in several different studios across the country or around the world. The people who sing backup on someone’s song may never meet the lead singer. Who needs passports when their voices or instruments can travel digitally?

  7. Evo:
    Take it from me: Those guys are just a flash in the pan. Five months from now, no one will remember who they were and teenagers will be listening to minuets again, as God wants them to.

    Chappy is right. The talent on tht video came from all over the world. If you listen closely, you’ll hear Clapton on guitar and Miles on trumpet. That’s Hyman Clapton and Miles Gumm.
    By the way, I do have a passport. How do you think I got into Kentucky?

  8. Kirk M said

    Ah, so glad I stopped by otherwise I would have missed that wonderful video. And only an hour and a half before lunch too. I’m sure I’ll recover by then though.

    So that’s how you got into Kentucky. Tch, tch…how legitimate. (grin)

  9. Kirk:
    If you’ve recovered by lunch, your earworms are sissies, with no staying power. Just in case, though, don’t eat anything that’s likely to “repeat” on you.

  10. Very, very funny, but it appears you have way too much time on your hands. You know what they say about idle hands.

  11. Catch:
    The devil’s playground has lousy swings. They’re always hot. And the seesaw just goes down, never up.

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