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Technology Throughout History #1

Posted by Larry Wallberg on 06/28/2010

On June 28, 1776, after emailing back and forth with a few of his friends, Thomas Jefferson sent out the following series of text messages to his entire social network.

IMHO if a guvmint isnt ur BFF it sux!

evry1 is =.
th cre8r gave us a rite 2 life, librtE and :)

K. George? NFW!
he has S4B & duz lotsa bad stuff.
hes g2g.

FYI these :Ez are now free 4eva.
CUL8R. Bring ur musket.

It’s a good thing we could communicate by cell phone back then, or we’d all be English today.


20 Responses to “Technology Throughout History #1”

  1. Ouch. My head hurts. Thank goodness for Google translator.

  2. Catch:
    ROFLOL! You don’t send dozens of text messages every hour? You must be old, maybe even over 30!

    One day not long ago, I heard — that’s with my actual ears — a kid say (with his mouth) to a friend: Double-yu-tee-eff. So now text abbreviations are entering real conversations, even though the abbreviation has five spoken syllables to the original’s three. WTF indeed!

  3. John Evo said

    Jefferson and Wallberg – FTW!

  4. Evo:
    10Q. It’s always an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jefferson. Not that it’s ever happened to me before.

  5. LrE FTW!

  6. Philly:
    THX Fil-E. How much do IOU 4 riting tht?

  7. John Evo said

    FWIW, I would have guessed that Larry Wallberg and George Jefferson are regularly brought up together as I did – but who can know about these things?

  8. no chrg 4u btw u txt gr8 4 n OM (SICR)

  9. Evo:
    AAMOF, I’m a BHOF, so here’s my fave Jefferson.

  10. Philly:
    I’m just typing letters and numbers at random, hoping they’ll mean something.

  11. That’s different from your regular writing in what way?

  12. BrentH said

    10-4 good buddy!

    Damn wrong era! I’m stuck in the 70’s.

  13. Philly:
    That’s different from your regular writing in what way?
    It’s harder on my thumbs.

    Man, are you behind the 8-ball!
    But 23 skiddoo. I’m off to the 5 & 10.

  14. Ralph said

    I’m trying to imagine the replies Jefferson received.

  15. Ralph:
    I think some guys on his buddy list wrote WTG! Some others wrote IOH!

  16. Postman said

    Those historic texts made me think of this.

  17. Postie:
    You see? If Jefferson hadn’t been able to send those text messages, we’d all be worrying about our fashionable trousers today. Since I’m partial to my ratty old blue shorts, I’m particularly grateful to the inventors of cell phone technology.

  18. cr0nw4lis: cr0sn teh rivr, kiln ur d00dz. m3ry xmas, w4sh

  19. Des:
    omg! victRE 4u 2day. bfd. war not 1 yet. roflmfao, cr0n

  20. cr0n: 2 tru. cyat ytown, w4sh

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