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Posted by Larry Wallberg on 04/21/2010


15 Responses to “Pseudo-cuckoo”

  1. Very nice. Someone has too much time on their hands.

  2. Philly:
    As Willy Wonka said, “So much time, so little to do.”

  3. Sudoko is a government plot to distract Americans from THE COMMIES WHATS TAKIn OVUR teh GOVERMINT!!1!!1

  4. Des:
    I’m not sure how effective that government plot is. Did you know that it takes Congress months and months to solve even the simplest Sudoku puzzle? Whenever one party fills in a box, the other party erases the number and changes it to a different one. Lobbyists for the “6” business control conservatives and the powerful “7” PAC has undue influence among liberals. America’s Protestants are always trying to ram “1” down our throats, and Catholics get offended if anyone says something against “3.” And, of course, we have to satisfy our friends overseas by giving some consideration to “quatre,” “nueve,” and “acht.”

  5. Obviously the plot is very successful. The lack of any evidence showing the plot to be real is proof that the plot is real because there is no evidence because the evidence is being covered up in a huge conspiracy to cover up the evidence of the plot.

    I love the anarchist Sudoku.

    And the one time I tried to do one, that’s about how it came out.

  6. (((Billy))):
    Yes, as any right-thinking (and I mean “right” in the ptero-political sense) person in government can tell you: the lack of evidence is, of itself, evidence that evidence exists.

    The nice thing about the Anarchist Sudoku is that you don’t need to come up with a solution. You merely have to dismiss all other solutions.

  7. srsny said

    I used to do a puzzle like this. It was called “Number Place,” because you needed to place the numbers in the right boxes. I don’t know what happened to those puzzles. I used to enjoy them when I used to buy Dell or Penny Press Puzzle books.

    What language does the word “Sudoku” come from? Does anyone know? I think this is clearly a plot by the one-worlders and the Tri-Lateral Commission. Notice the indirect reference to the number 3, so I’m sure the Vatican’s fingerprints are there somehow. I read somewhere on the internet that Dan Brown’s forthcoming book is called “The Sudoku Strategem.”

  8. Srsny:
    Actually, believe it or not, Sudoku puzzles are named after their inventor, Susan Dokuwitzski.

    In case you didn’t notice, the Vatican’s fingerprints are all over everything. In fact, I found the Virgin Mary’s image in a chocolate smudge on the cover of Dan Brown’s forthcoming novel, The Bosco Prophecy. (And what a let-down that book is! The prophecy turns out to be: “The Holy Mother puts it in your milk for extra energy.”)

  9. Actually, believe it or not, Sudoku puzzles are named after their inventor, Susan Dokuwitzski.

    Not. Even if it is true, I don’t believe.

  10. I defy any of you to produce fingerprints of the Vatican on anything over the age of 11.

  11. (((Billy))):
    Well, have you Googled Susan Dokuwitzski?

    There you go with that anti-Catholic stuff. You must be in cahoots with the godless liberal Jews at The New York Times.

  12. Doesn’t the NYT employ Ross Douthat and Maureen Dowd? Perhaps I am mistaken…

  13. Des:
    Yes, it does. But they’re godless, liberal Jews who accidentally happen not to be godless, liberal, or Jewish. Jesuitical thinking can be very mysterious to those of us not trained in its workings.

  14. srsny said

    Your search – Susan Dokuwitzski – did not match any documents.


    Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    Try different keywords.
    Try more general keywords.
    Try fewer keywords.

  15. Srsny:
    Those are good suggestions. Try Googling just “Susan” and see what you find.

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