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Shameless Self-Promotion

Posted by Larry Wallberg on 03/15/2010

I’m not a Twitterer, in either the electronic or physical sense. I’m old enough to remember when “social networking” meant sending someone a postcard from Florida. So it’s impossible for me to imagine a world in which I’d want to know exactly where all my friends are at every single moment. That sounds like a job for the secret police.

However, once in a while, I would like to tell people what I’m up to. That’s when I get afflicted by “the Hemant Syndrome,” named after everyone’s favorite party-going friendly atheist. I’m rarely bothered by HS, mostly because I don’t get out much.

Also, to be honest, I’d call myself more of an unfriendly atheist. Back-slapping camaraderie isn’t my thing. If you want your back slapped, go find an obstetrician.

Still, I thought I’d let my readers know that I’ll be speaking to the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers group tomorrow evening (that was Tuesday, March 16, for those of you who arrived at this page from the future) at 7 p.m. in Mulligan’s Pub and Grille, 1801 Newburg Road, Louisville. I don’t expect any of you out-of-staters (lucky you!) to drop what you’re doing and drive to Kentucky just to hear me rant until someone shuts me up. But in case you’re in the area, I’d enjoy meeting you — maybe.

As Julius Caesar once said: “I hope to see you folks on March 16.” But unless you’re choking, don’t expect me to slap you on the back.


19 Responses to “Shameless Self-Promotion”

  1. It must be nice to live in the big city where the non-bleebers can gather. What could count as a “local” freethinker group would be about 250 miles away in Albuquerque.

  2. John Evo said

    Fuck… I would love to go to that!

    In all honesty, I clicked on this post with some trepidation. I was afraid you’d have something awful to say about the way I’ve been know to plug my YouTube channel, “AncientAtheist”.

  3. Des:
    So does your comment mean that I shouldn’t expect you?

    I fixed your link to make it a genuine shameless self-promotion.

  4. I’m afraid I am not just out of state but out of country.

  5. John Evo said

    Thanks L-Dub! You know, there was a day when I used to know how to do that stuff. Now, I just make videos. :D

  6. John Evo said

    “If you want your back slapped, go find an obstetrician.”

    Is that how they make the baby come out?

  7. And yet you Fail to mention the far more Important Public Event of March 16 in which you participate?

    Sir, you and your Readers may note that You are at the top of the Ballot for reasons of Honor and Alphabetical Order.

    Sir Percy Bisque Silley

  8. MacNutz said

    I’ll be there in spirit. Or would be if I had one.

  9. J-Co:
    I’m afraid I am not just out of state but out of country.
    Oh, I forgot to mention: We’re offering a special discount for Australians.
    But wait. Aren’t you two and a half days ahead of us? So I guess, in Down Under time, I’ve already given that talk. Never mind.

    Is that how they make the baby come out?
    Don’t ask me; I’m not a doctor.

    Lord ‘a’ mercy!
    In the spirit of fair play,
    I waited til the day
    The contest doth begin.
    (And, O, I hope I win.)

    I hear you can buy yourself all kinds of spirits at your local liquor store.

  10. the chaplain said

    Mmm – spirits. I won’t be anywhere near Louisville, but I’m pretty sure I can conjure up some spirits for myself.

  11. Chappy:
    I hope you raised a glass for me.
    I had to limit myself at the meeting because I knew I’d be driving 70-something miles to get home, from whence I type this response — with a bourbon (what else?) near at hand.

  12. Greetings from the future! Please relate the details of the event before the Texas board of education gets their Christiany hands on that history and make revisions to the point where I might think you were the leader of a militant atheist movement holding a recruiting meeting to topple this great, Christian nation founded by Christian scholars on the 10 commandments (and, of course, that you served unborn babies as hors d’oeuvres and raised your glasses to Satan).


  13. Philly:

    Boy am I embarrassed. I thought those were pig-in-a-blanket hors d’oeuvres, and that we were raising our glasses to Stan from accounting. Come to think of it, the little hot dogs did look a bit strange…

  14. Philly:
    It was the day before St. Patrick’s day, so they didn’t serve just plain unborn babies. They served unborn Irish babies, dyed green of course. And just FYI: I didn’t raise my glasses. I kept them on the bridge of my nose the whole time.

    Take a closer look at Stan from accounting. See if you can manage to sneak up on him when he has his shoes off, and check out his feet. (Here’s a language tip that might help you: “Cloven” does not mean “smelling like cloves.”)

  15. When atheists speak out, it must be that they generally address other atheists, right?

    That is, I would think an atheist has about as much of a chance of converting a believer to atheism as a believer has of converting an atheist to belief in God.

    It seems to me that pretty much the only effective proselytizing happens when the proselytizer comes from a culture with more goodies/bigger guns so that there’s a bribe or threat accompanying the message at least implicitly.

    When the parties are cultural equals, it seems to me that they can generally argue till they’re blue in the face and, usually, bent out of shape, but all that happens is that both sides get that much more entrenched in their positions.

  16. Paul:
    I would tend to agree with your last paragraph, although it’s a topic for a full post.

    However, your other paragraphs have errors. Atheists — at least those I know — address everyone. Atheists may not have any effect on rigid theists, but many atheists do address them.

    Many atheists, myself included, have no interest in “converting” anyone. We’d just like rigid theists to see that there are other ways of viewing the world than through a god-colored lens.

    And, finally, most atheists would find the word “proselytize” laughably wrong. We have no shared worldview to proselytize for. We may encourage theists to think for themselves, but we do not have a specific -ism to push.

  17. Susannah Roitman said

    I am everyone’s favorite party going friendly atheist. In fact my Christmas card from 2009 pictured my family smiling and happy and read
    “Merry Christmas from your favorite atheists”

    I used to be in sales, what can I say? I’m a people person.

    Sorry to miss your presentation.
    If they let you rant in the future, let me know.

  18. Susannah:
    The Louisville group was pretty impressive. There were at least thirty intelligent, articulate, passionate atheists and freethinkers present. And not a single one of them was in the closet about his or her non-Christianity.

  19. I think there’s more in Paul’s comment that need to be addressed. It reads to me as you’re looking at religious belief and atheism as equally arbitrary, like choosing chocolate rather than vanilla. Now there are some atheists who fall into that nonsense (I believe there were some recent posts here on classifications), but the majority of atheists I’ve encountered are what I’d call rational atheists, those who esteem critical thinking and require sound evidence for accepting claims. For us, atheism means a rejection of god claims because they’re unwarranted to accept, and we find that atheism is the inevitable conclusion one would arrive at if they were a rational, skeptical, critical thinker.

    Now I for one am not so interested in converting someone to atheism as much as I am interested in converting them to embracing critical thinking and shedding irrational beliefs, of which god belief is merely one of many (ie – astrology, life energy, auras, lucky ties, etc). This is something I think is doable because everyone to varying degrees already does. For instance, who relies on faith to know when it’s safe to cross the street?

    Ultimately though, I think many of us would simply like those who feel the need to indulge in the vice of religion to do so responsibly, and not harm anyone else with their indulgence.

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