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Homesite Puzzler #3: Famous Kentuckians

Posted by Larry Wallberg on 03/05/2010

I complain a lot about my new home state, but we do have our share of famous folks. Why, just this morning, right under the banner on the local rag’s front page, was a boxed picture of an odd-looking movie character. In big letters were printed the words: Johnny in “Wonderland;” the caption below them read As the Mad Hatter, Kentucky native Depp goes the weird route again.

As far as I’m concerned, if he’d truly taken the “weird route,” he would have wound up back in Lexington. But perhaps there’s no room here.

In any case, that blatant example of boosterism got me thinking about other famous Kentuckians. And my love of Lewis Carroll got me thinking about puzzles. So what could be more natural than to combine those two ideas.

Therefore: Each item below is a clue to the identity of a famous person who lived in the Bluegrass State. When read as a sentence (or sentences), the words give a hint, although sometimes only a vague one. But each item also contains, in anagrammed form, the name of the person sought. The letters of the anagram always appear as consecutive complete words, although you may have to ignore some punctuation. Parenthetical information is included only to show each person’s Kentucky tie, and does not contain any anagrams.

[NOTE: Since I’d like to give a chance to as many readers as possible, I’m asking solvers not to include your answers in your comments. Instead, email your solutions to I’ll list the names of all those who get any of the anagrams right, along with the number of correct answers they’ve sent. The reader with the highest number wins a lovely photograph of Johnny Depp, cut from today’s LHL, and personally autographed (by me, not him). In case of a tie, each winner will receive a piece of the picture. (Hey, I’ve only got one).]

1. Did his farmer folks predict that this kid would grow up to espouse such a cagy creed?
(Born in Beverly, raised in Hopkinsville)

2. Was he a rabbi, priest, lama, imam? Duh! Although not a religious leader , he was very active in the Boxer Rebellion.
(Born in Louisville)

3. Yes, he might archly yen to reside in the White House, but he claimed he didn’t want to be president.
(Lived in Lexington)

4. Although she may look like the lamest hen, oh! she’s the only one with her own roost among the chickens.
(Born in Winchester)

5. His legends don’t mention whether he wore any robe in Vinegaroon.
(Born in Mason County)

6. If ye’re gay movie fans, does his “cool” engorge ye?
(Born in Lexington)

7. My dearie yawns when watching the news.
(Born in Glasgow, raised in Louisville)

8. The good ol’ boy in redneck jeans drives off with this guy’s flag.
(Born in Christian County)

9. Even the loudest drunk cannot air ire the way she did.
(Born in Garrard County)

10. This rare bird was bound on “a hajj,” muse-inspired, all over America.
(Ran a business in Louisville)

11. Some people thought he could even track ions!
(Born in Madison County)

12. He gave carefully selected information to a nosy town.
(Born in Berea)

13. Do your eardrums get tonally rent when you listen to her?
(Born near Paintsville)

14. Us Brooklyn boys can cut down doze giants even wit’out a sabre or an epee. See, we’re winning!
(Born in Meade County)

15. Many writers whose talents were barrener went porn, but this guy wrote a novel fit for a king.
(Born in Guthrie)

Solvers (with number correct):
The Chaplain (9)
Yunshui (1)
Srsny (7)
DJ Spin Dragon (15)
The winner, obviously, is DJ Spin Dragon.
[If you’d like to know the solutions, send me an email and I’ll respond with a list of correct answers.]

15 Responses to “Homesite Puzzler #3: Famous Kentuckians”

  1. the chaplain said

    Hey, I’m first on the board! If I manage to win (ha!), I’d prefer a lifesize Johnny Depp blowup doll, if you don’t mind – and try to keep your autograph off him, please.

  2. Chappy:
    I’m assuming you want that doll anatomically incorrect (i.e., objects may appear larger than they really are.)

  3. the chaplain said

    You’re a mindreader!

  4. yunshui said

    If I win (which is unlikely, given that I can only solve one of these), I pledge to end corruption, reform the healthcare system and cut military spending. Vote yunshui! *waves tiny flag*

  5. Yunshui:
    With a platform like yours, you’d never win in Kentucky — regardless of how many problems you’d solved beforehand. You forgot to say “God bless America.” (As a nation, we sneeze a lot.)

  6. yunshui said

    Must be all the pepper in your cheese. I had some of that today – fucking genius. God bless America indeed, you clever, cheese-contaminating chaps.

  7. Yunshui:
    Hey, if we didn’t put pepper in our cheese, some people might think we’re French. We in Kentucky wouldn’t want that to happen.

  8. yunshui said

    Here’s one back atcha’:

    Oh, molest a chronicler, would you? Hardly surprising, given his atheistic Blade.
    (Lived in Lexington)

    Figure that out, and I’ll send you a signed copy of some string I found in a hedge last week.

  9. Yunshui:
    Nice one, but I knew it as soon as I saw it. He’s Charles Chilton Moore, atheist publisher (and writer and editor) of the Blue-grass Blade. One of my favorite facts about him is that he used “I,” rather than “we,” in his editorials.

  10. Home ground is south eastern Australia so I fear my knowledge of Kentucky is a bit too lean to enter.

  11. J-Co:
    You don’t really need to be an authority on Kentucky to get these right. None of the people mentioned are famous only here. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that some of them may have even made the newspapers or the textbooks Down Under.

    And after all, some of us here in America have even heard of koalas and/or Foster’s.

  12. srsny said

    Well I just sent you a few answers – unfortunately in three or four different emails, as I got new ideas after sending. I just want to say – as i did in my email – that one of the clues is misleading due to the lack of using the full appellation by which this person is commonly known. Yes I know – the hints you gave should have been enough – but had your clue had the full name, I would have seen the letters that would have signaled the answer. Maybe you thought that would make it too easy?

    I don’t think this comment gives anything away, but, once you announce the answers, I will post again to tell which clue I am talking about, and would love to hear if others agree with me.

  13. Srsny:
    The word you’re referring to was not part of the person’s name when he or she was in Kentucky. So if you want sympathy, don’t come to me; tell it to the judge.

  14. the chaplain said

    When will you be closing out submissions to this contest? I’m anxious to find out whether srsny will be getting an autographed photo of Johnny Depp, or I’ll be getting a blow-up doll! I really hope it’s the latter – I can’t wait to get a life-sized Depp with enhanced feet!

  15. Chappy:
    The contest will close when the puzzle moves off the sidebar list of Recent Posts — or until someone gets a perfect score. So if you’re really devoted to Kentucky native Johnny Depp, you’ll turn off those repeats of 21 Jump Street and start solving again.

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