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Posted by Larry Wallberg on 02/13/2010

I’m not normally a “joiner” because I’m not a “one-of-the-crowd” kind of guy. Mob mentality too often fosters self-righteous stupidity.

But this is just a short note to mention that My Old Kentucky Homesite can now be found on Mojoey’s Atheist Blogroll. Back in December of 2006, I first enrolled in that club about a month after I’d started writing my previous (now defunct) blog. At the time, I became one of fewer than 150 members. Today, thanks to Mojoey’s impressive effort at community-building through his free service, there are nearly 1100 skeptical blogs on the roster. That’s quite an achievement.

Naturally, I don’t necessarily endorse every blog on that list. Some of them are tedious, or poorly written, or just plain dumb. A few of them merely parrot ideas expressed — far better — by others, and a handful even out-and-out plagiarize. But there’s plenty of good reading to be had by meandering through the menu, and, not infrequently, some hearty laughter.

Because it’s important, I think, for all of us atheists to join together in our mutual battles against those who would turn America into a theocracy, I urge all my readers whose blogs touch on freethinking issues to contact Mojoey and add their sites to his list.

8 Responses to “The Atheist Blogroll”

  1. John Evo said

    You ol’ community softy, you. What’s next? Reactivation of the Nonbelieving Literati book club? It would take as much effort – Philly still has the link to it up on his blog! ; )

  2. the chaplain said

    After the reactivation of the Nonbelieving Literati, will we see a resurrection of Another God Damned Podcast? You may not be a “joiner,” but you look a lot like a “jumpstarter.”

  3. Evo and Chappy:
    I don’t believe in born-again anything. Particularly endeavors that involve work.

  4. I was a devoted listener of AGDP. Now I feel like a stalker, because I am just some anonymous guy to y’all, but I could identify Evo, Chappy, Ex, Si, and OG by voice.

  5. Des:
    I’m glad you enjoyed “Another Goddamned Podcast.” We had fun doing it, but it became a bit too much work, at least for me. While it lasted, though, it was one of those rare activities in which a bunch of disparate atheists were able to cooperate by contributing their different talents toward a joint venture. You forgot to mention Philly, so I’ll give him a shout-out here.

    Remember: Please don’t ask Evo to sing.

  6. I, of course, have a generic voice that’s indistinguishable with most of America so that’s why he didn’t mention me. The rest of you all talk funny and are easily identifiable.

  7. Philly:
    I’d respond to what you said if I were 100% convinced that it was actually you speaking. But it sounded an awful lot like about a hundred other people I know. Does your voice have some kind of digital watermark?

  8. John Evo said

    Evo died and I took the name so don’t bother stalking him.

    Philly says you can stalk him though.

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